Name Giving – A beautiful way to introduce your Child

A name giving is a special celebration of both life and love. It starts by sharing with your family and friends the joy and happiness your little one has brought into each and everyone’s life and of the journey everyone is prepared to go on with your child in offering their love, support, nurturing and guidance during  every milestone that is reached and the transitions that are made throughout your child’s life into Adulthood.

This is a non religious event and can be performed at your home or at a park or playground or anywhere you like.  You can also add special elements like a tree planting or a time capsule box to be opened on a special age birthday.  You may like to have bubble blowing or games followed by an afternoon tea.  The choice is unlimited and up to you as you introduce your child and give them their name officially.

God Parents/Guardians can also take a pledge as they promise to take on ,and honour  the role bestowed upon them.  Grand Parents can also receive special recognition as too can older siblings.

Talk to your Celebrant about having your Child’s naming day tailored to suit your family unit.


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