Vow Renewals

Sometimes a couple like to reaffirm their commitment to one another with a vow renewal.  There is no set time for this to be done but sometimes they select a milestone year of marriage e.g. 10 year anniversary, 20 year anniversary 50 years etc. or even a birthday or maybe they have been through a rough patch together.

It can be as low key as  you  as you would like with just the two of you or just close family and friends or it can be a full on celebratiocouple-260899_1920

There is no legal component required as you are already married but just recommitting to each other.

Sometimes a couple feel very strongly about one another and would like to reiterate this or it can be you had a different wedding the first time and would like to recommit in a  more relaxed version.  Totally up to you but can be a lovely thing to do to show your partner you still feel the same about each other and love each other and wish to remain lifelong partners.

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