Writing Your Vows

OK so you had your meeting with your Celebrant which only seemed like yesterday and you both thought at the time it would be a cool idea to write your own vows.  Now months have passed, you have cake tasted, selected chair covers and goodness knows what else it has been so busy and now your Celebrant has touched base with you 4 weeks out asking “How Your Vow Writing is progressing”? Panic mode has just set in. O.K. here are your options:  Firstly, deciding what type of person you are: You are either that person that can easily put pen to paper and all of a sudden you have a novel right in front of you, or you are that person that struggles and after 2 hours you still look down at your blank piece of paper or ipad and all you have written is” I promise?”

OK let’s break it down a bit more, your Celebrant should have provided you with some examples of vows or you can research the net.  You need to be in the right headspace to write something so personal so here is a little advice.  If you are going to write separate vows and keep them a surprise take a moment to have some quite time alone, make yourself a coffee or pour yourself a wine.  Just think of your partner (not about your guests and how it might sound) as this is not about them it is about your partner.  Ask yourself what do they bring to your relationship, how has your life changed since meeting them, what would you like to do for your partner and how do you see your future unfolding and write it down just keep it simple and heartfelt and you can’t go wrong.

If you decide to write your vows together perhaps after the: “I call upon the people here present to witness that I…………….take you ………………. to be my lawfully wedded ………………………..” you could say a line each of what you would like to promise each other, or just have them the same and say them separately.   If  all else fails, or if you know from the start that you do not wish to write you own vows, talk to your Celebrant and by telling your Celebrant about yourselves and your ambitions and your relationship they can put something together for you that will fit you as a couple and express what you are wanting to say and you can even do a repeat after me if you feel nervous about it.    Well I hope this has helped, just remember you should feel comfortable about it either way and your Celebrant is here to help not judge.


couple coffee mugs

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