Which day to Wed?

Although Saturday remains the most popular day of the week to get married, there has been a trend for some couples to move away and choose either Friday or Sunday or a different day. Some reasons being that their desired venue is very popular and booked out, so instead of waiting 2 years they decide to go for an alternative day.

Destination Weddings are also popular and by tacking on a couple of extra days either side of your set date your guests can plan a holiday around your wedding to make their travel expenses worthwhile.   Some couples are just romantics at heart and choose a date that holds special significance for them no matter what day if falls on if that is the year they are planning to tie the knot.

I have two examples of this coming up in June:

The first one is on a Friday, Ceremony at Little Cove, but the couple could not get into their Sugar Wharf reception on a Saturday in 2018.(except during the wet season) so they went for Friday.

And my second wedding up at the beautiful Foxwell Park up on the tablelands is on a Thursday, as it is 3 years to the day that the groom told the bride he loved her- very romantic.

Also while afternoon weddings remain the most popular some are opting for mornings as well and having a luncheon or an all day party.

So it really doesn’t matter what day you marry on as long as the right people are there that mean the most to you, this could be just the two of you and two witnesses or a large party the choice is yours.SATURDAY

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