The Legal Paperwork required to get you Married. Part 1. – The NOIM



Ceremony Photos Courtesy of Perspectives Photo + Cinema



Notice of Intention to Marry Form – also  known as NOIM –

Must be completed and given to your Celebrant at LEAST one month prior to your Wedding  date and no Earlier than 18 months before.

For this your Celebrant will need to sight both your original Birth Certificates if born in Australia or if not a Birth Certificate  or Passport if born overseas. Also some photo I.D. such as a drivers license. If either of you have been married before then evidence of dissolution, death or nullity will also be required.

This is a legal form and needs to be completed correctly your Celebrant can help you with this. You will notice a column each for both you and your partner to complete in Block Letters ,be sure to list your full proper names as they appear on your birth certificates.

Occupation is what you do not where you work e.g. Veterinary Assistant

Usual place of residence – is where you live

Conjugal Status – select which is correct to your circumstances e.g. – never validly married

Birthplace – is what appears on your Birth Certificate e.g. Innisfail, Queensland

Father’s Full Name and Mother’s Full Maiden Name (if deceased put deceased) and Country of birth.

If born outside of Australia –  Months as well as years need only be given where the party has been resident for less than two years. for example a period of five years, nine months residence need be stated only as five years.

The section for parties that have been previously married,  complete as applicable,make sure dates are correct for example on your Divorce Certificate it may be issued  by the Court on one date but divorce granted a month later to that date so be sure to put down correct date.

That is page one completed, then on the back the simple question of are you related?

The rest of the back page is for your Celebrant  to witness and complete.


The other forms are your Official Certificates of Marriage (2) Copies and your Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage on the back of one of the copies – along with your Keepsake Certificate.

The Declaration of no legal impediment to marriage just confirms that you are both over 18, not married to another person and that there are no legal circumstances that would be a legal impediment to the Marriage. This form is on the back of one of the Official Certificate of Marriage forms which needs to be completed close to the Ceremony and sent off to Births Deaths & Marriages.

The other Official Certificate of Marriage is in the Celebrants Marriage Register and is kept as their record. The Keepsake Certificate is for you as a couple to keep, but IS NOT an official certificate you must apply for this either on line or by post or in person to Births Deaths & Marriages within your State this becomes available once your paperwork has been sent off to BDM by your Celebrant and it is then registered.

For the 2 Copies of the Official Certificate of Marriage and your Keepsake copy you will require 2 witnesses who are over the age of 18 to sign on the day of your Wedding. Please select your witnesses in advance and notify your Celebrant so as all their details (Full Names) can be completed on the paperwork ahead of time so there is no confusion on day of Ceremony.










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