One of the great things about being a Celebrant is that you get to sit down with a couple and find out how they got to be at the stage in their relationship of being ready for Marriage. I always like to ask how was you proposed to?  Each and every answer is always different.

Some say we have been best friends for so long that it was just a natural progression, others tell you of unusual proposals that had been planned to the minute and were either very romantic or unexpected.

Some have planned the ultimate proposal only to be surprised by their partner coming home early and spoiling their plans – but it has still had a beautiful reaction and outcome.

A lot of modern day woman are doing the proposing themselves.

So it doesn’t matter how romantic or unromantic or how unexpected it was, or if it was something you both decided while curled up on the couch together – all that matters is that your feelings are real and you have a beautiful future to plan together.

And YES!! it would be my pleasure to MARRY YOU BOTH!

will you marry me.jpg

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