Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.

Having children in your wedding party is always a lovely inclusion, and almost always they tend to steal the show with their super cuteness.

Don’t be too hard on them remember they are only children and they do not have a large attention span (Some big kids don’t either ha ha) so don’t worry if they don’t walk precisely where and when they are told to and don’t stand in a straight line. So long as they aren’t rolling on the ground kicking and screaming and causing a huge distraction by a temper tantrum they are all good.

And remember its often the little imperfections that make our day such a perfect one!

Your Celebrant will assist you of where to stand and also your photographer will get you into position if required for a specific shot, so just relax and enjoy this magical day.enis-yavuz-271271-unsplash

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