Choosing your Wedding Party.


Choosing your Wedding party is extremely important, there will be a few obvious choices, just make sure you have the most important people their for you on your special day that will take away stress and support you 100 percent.  It is also nice to give out some responsible jobs to those who are not included but that you would like to have play a small part. e.g. In charge of your music, M.C., usher , car driver. etc.

For those who have a great relationship with your Mums, remember Mums love all of this and want to be a great help and do as much as they can – One of my most special times shared was when I  went along with my daughter and her  2 Grandmothers to help her select her wedding dress – just such a special time and remember your Mum is always honest and someone you can trust – likewise so is your best friend, your Aunt or some other close friend or relative. – Weddings should be when families pull together and a special time for all involved – avoid people and situations that stress you out.

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