The “Groom”


I don’t know whether it’s because I am the Celebrant, and one of the first people that a couple comes in contact with when organising their Wedding, but I have noticed how involved the modern day  “Groom” seems to be.

They have a lot of imput at my initial first meeting, whether that be bouncing ideas around and off each other or reminiscing on  dates and how the important events have come about in their relationship. They seem very supportive of their partner. One couple was a really hands on dad and freed up the brides time attending to their little baby girl while still being involved in how he would like their Ceremony to be.

It’s lovely when they ask questions and offer suggestions.

Another groom jumped from being a back seat passenger to actually organising our meeting and when I contacted both the Bride and Groom, he would be the one to respond to my messages and questions first.

So here’s to all the grooms out there getting involved in their special day!!

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