Reflecting on July

As I reflect back on July it was full of mixed emotions.

I had the pleasure of being back doing 2 Weddings, marrying the two most amazing couples who set COVID aside, adhered to restrictions, but did not put their Love on hold any longer and ploughed full on into their married lives together. That was the positive upside of July for which I am so grateful for.

The downside of July was that I had 3 of my couples, 2 of which have had to postpone their September/October weddings for the 3rd time, as their venue was in a public place and they are not permitted to have a dance floor and to them a wedding without dancing just wasn’t going to fulfill their dreams and hopes for their big day. They seemed to handle this 3rd time change extremely well.

2020 started out being huge and double number dates were so popular 04/04, 06/06, 08/08, 10/10 the only one I have managed so far is 02/02/2020. My heart goes out to my couples and how well they have handled this continual let down and re-scheduling. Having interstate and overseas guests has also been a big factor of deciding whether to go ahead or not without their loved ones. So July has had its ups and downs, but I am so grateful that my couples have re-booked me for next year.

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