“Thank You!” “Thank You!” “Thank You!”

2 little words that mean so much. It is always greatly appreciated more than my couples could ever really know to receive words of thanks and appreciation. Sometimes it comes in the form of a lovely email, a text message or a beautiful review left on my Facebook page but to me it just melts my heart and reassures me that I have done my job well and impacted greatly on a special part of their day and set the mood for a hyped up reception to follow. So Thank You to all my beautiful couples who have taken the time out of their busy days to Thank me. I love what I do and do what I love xx

Have you thought about Eloping?

That is exactly what beautiful couple Connor & Hannah did with baby Olivia in hand.

Eloping is such a personal, up close and special experience made only between yourselves or with a very few people. It eliminates stress, expense and if you intend to hold a party later to further celebrate you get to wear your dress twice.

It ticks a lot of boxes if you and your partner are private people but want something beautiful without all the fuss.