The Sugar Wharf – Port Douglas

It doesn’t matter what day or time of year it is this iconic old lady “The Sugar Wharf” simply oozes charm. You can hire Sugar Wharf from the Douglas Shire Council. It is a very popular venue for both Ceremonies and receptions combined. She starts off with a blank canvas and then with the assistance of some wonderful vendors the magic begins and she is transformed into a charming beauty. Why not consider her for your wedding venue?

Who can we have as our witnesses?

Short answer your witnesses may be anyone who is 18 or older.

You will require 2 to sign along with you both and your Celebrant on the day on 3 documents. Including the Marriage Register, Official Certificate of Marriage and your Keepsake Certificate.

Your Celebrant will ask then by name to come up for the signing so they need not worry.

Some choose from their bridal party, but because they already have an important role some couples prefer to choose someone they could not have in their bridal party like a sibling or another close friend.

Last year some of my couples chose both of their Mums which was really special.

Entirely up to you, sometimes if it is an elopement your Celebrant can assist in finding witnesses for you.

It is good to have your witnesses sorted in advance if possible that way you can pass on their full names to your Celebrant ready for the legal paperwork.

Hope this advice helps you with your decision 💜

2019 reminiscing beautiful couples

2019 WOW what a beautiful year it has been for me, here is my year in review as I reminisce on the beautiful couples I have been so privileged to marry, it is such an honour and I am so lucky that you allow me to be such a special part of your Wedding Day #lovebeingacelebrant. So thank you to each and everyone of you.

January 19th – Mr & Mrs Greening – Cairns Colonial Club.

2nd February – Mrs & Mrs Beveridge – Longford, Tas


23rd February – Mr & Mrs Hinds – Delamere Winery, Tas

27th April – Mr & Mrs Brayshaw – Ballroom Garden, Hilton, Cairns

1st June – Mr & Mrs Wallace – Beachside, Sea Temple, Palm Cove

18th July – Mr & Mrs Buljubasich – Alamanda Chapel, Palm Cove ( Bride & Groom photos kept private)


18th August – Mr & Mrs Cislowski – Private Property – Mareeba.

24th August – Mr & Mrs Reichardt – Ellis Beach


7th September – Mr & Mrs Redman – Boulevard Gardens, Brisbane

18th October – Mr & Mrs Gulliver – Wharf One Cafe, Cairns

9th November – Mr & Mrs Maude – Alamanda Chapel, Palm Cove

Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue.

Something Old is an easy one and can quite often be Something borrowed as well.

for example a necklace or earrings from your Grandmother or Mother.  It could also be that you have hired an old car.



You might have a keepsake locket with an old photo of someone no longer with you and have that tied into your bouquet.




Something new – well there is lots in that department, new dress, new ring, new shoes, underwear.

Something borrowed – a piece of jewelry, your veil.

Something blue – most common  a blue ribbon on your garter, but maybe for a tropical bride a beautiful anklet with blue beads or stones. blue jewelry or I know a beautiful friend that had blue shoes.



I also lent another very special friend an antique rose gold bangle gifted to me from my Mother that had a blue opal in it. So that incorporated Old, borrowed and blue.

My daughter wore diamond earrings that were made from diamonds from her late Grandmothers engagement ring.

So there are lots of special ways to incorporate the old, new, borrowed and blue into your wedding day just some creative imagination and some special people to assist  you with it and perhaps loan you something of theirs for your Wedding Day.